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Formula Ford

Formula Ford, also known as F1600 or Formula F, is a class of single seater, open-wheel formula car racing. It has been around since 1967.

A Formula Ford is one of the more distinctive-looking open-wheel race cars because it does not have wings to create aerodynamic downforce. In order to reduce cost and allow smaller manufacturers to produce their own design of chassis without prohibitive tooling costs, chassis are steel space frame, unlike the carbon fiber monocoques found in other types of single seater racing.

Formula Ford is not a one-make championship. It allows freedom of chassis design, engine build and technical specifications. This opens the door to many chassis manufacturers, large and small. Many other single-seater formula series impose fixed specifications. Only two other professional single seater racing formula series in the world offer the same freedom of chassis and engine build: Formula Three and Formula One.

Formula Ford cars have a top speed of over 240 km/h. They can reach 0-100 km/h in about 3.8 seconds and feature 1.6L Ford or Honda engines that output 140 horsepower. The light weight of the car means that the power to weight ratio is quite high: 219 kw/kg. Formula Ford cars lap faster than modern supercars on most racetracks.

Formula Ford are "pure" race cars in that they do not have any electronics assistance like ABS or traction control, so car control is of utmost importance... you need to be careful with your inputs in order not to spin.